Manzanita Pharmaceuticals is developing a modified glucocorticoid to treat chronic pain. We have obtained encouraging preliminary results of a modified glucocorticoid in the zoster-induced model ("shingles") of localized pain (Dalziel et al 2004). In the composite graph shown here, we administered micro-doses of the potent glucocorticoid fluocinolone acetonide (FA) conjugated to the neurotrophin Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) (.34μg FA + 5μg NGF given 1x daily for 4 days).

The modified glucocorticoid was effective in returning the model to almost baseline after 4 doses, and showed rapid onset of, and sustained activity. In the same model, approx. 7,000x more Neurontin® and 2,500x more Celebrex® were needed, respectively, to achieve a similar anti-allodynic effect.

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